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Father's Grooming Water-Based Clay Pomade


Introducing our revolutionary Water-Based Matte Clay, the ultimate styling companion for those who crave a strong hold without the heavy weight or greasy residue. Crafted with care using natural ingredients like beeswax and vegetable glycerin, our formula delivers a matte finish that's both versatile and effortless.

What truly sets our Matte Clay apart is its unbeatable hold. With just a small amount, you can sculpt and mold your hair into any desired shape, and rest assured, it will stay put all day long. No more midday touch-ups or worries about your style falling flat—our Matte Clay has the strength to keep up with your busy lifestyle.

Plus, with its natural ingredients, you can feel good about what you're putting in your hair. Beeswax provides the perfect balance of hold and flexibility, while vegetable glycerin helps to moisturize and protect your strands, leaving them looking and feeling their best.

Elevate your styling routine with our Water-Based Matte Clay and experience the perfect combination of strength, flexibility, and natural goodness. Say hello to effortless style that lasts all day, every day.