Why you should start your own brand & grooming line

In a world as competitive and saturated as the barbering & salon industry it is difficult to make a name for yourself. There are shops and salons every other street which makes it easy to be a small fish in a huge pond and all the while your shop is selling the exact same products as your competitors. Call us crazy but we think there is a big problem here.

We are providing a service that fulfills a need for barbershop & salon owners alike. Father's Grooming Co. helps small & medium sized businesses start their own custom line complete with packaging, manufacturing and design. There is no more need to go to big labs and spend tens of thousands of dollars and stock up on thousands of bottles of inventory. That just drowns businesses in debt and stock.

At Father’s Grooming Co. we work with you to create a custom line of grooming products that meet your characteristics to successfully represent your brand to your clients. 

Through Father’s Grooming Co. you will get:

- A customized line of products, locally hand-crafted with natural ingredients.
- Customized label and packaging.
- No hidden fees.
- Freedom to set prices and increase profit margins.
- Low quantity orders.
- Brand uniformity with your shop and products.

Stand out from other shops and offer a product your clients can only get from you.

Contact us today to get started, this will be the best investment you and your shop has ever made.